Extreme Cleaning: Handling a Hoarding Dilemma

Carolina Organizers invites you to hear from Matt Paxton, one of the top Hoarding Clean-up experts in the United States, on October 20, 4-8pm, at The Harvest Center.

Audience members will take an interactive journey to explore hoarding. You’ll learn who hoards and why this dilemma isn’t going away. Paxton will use his unique mix of experience and humor to truly get into the mindset of a hoarder. Paxton will provide specific communication techniques to create a positive and compassionate interaction with the hoarding population. Audience members will leave with a proper understanding of hoarding and how to communicate effectively to help the community to a long-term cleaning solution.


Paxton is the founder of Clutter Cleaner, author of The Secret Lives of Hoarders and has appeared in over 65 episodes of the televisions show HOARDERS. He’s been cleaning hoarded homes for over 10 years and has seen it all from 300 cats to an 8 ft wide rats nest. Paxton’s used his vast experience to create the ServiceMaster Restore Hoarding & Estate Cleanup Program that provides compassion focused cleaning nationwide. Matt travels the country speaking about Hoarding awareness and how to effectively communicate with a loved one struggling with hoarding.


*Registration Information: Choose Matt Paxton Event under the ‘Fund’ drop down menu. $5 for Main Event or $100 to Sponsor a Table.